AGROFOOD Regional Cluster

 AIM: The Regional Cluster of Food Industry and Products – AGROFOOD was created to support the members in developping their management strategies, their brands, the professional training of their personel, harmanisation and representation of their interest, etc


LOCATION: The Region of The Carpathian Arch



- development of coherent cluster policies;
- improving the competitiveness of its members;
- improving the visibility of its members on national and international markets;
- supporting the members to access public funding for development;
- supporting the members for professionall training of their personnel;
- improving partnerships with similar national, regional and european clusters;
- sharing legislation between its members for a better legal acknowledge.



- organisation of seminars, workshops, conferences for promoting its members strategies and brands;
- organisation of seminars, workshops, conferences for building new partnerships and for launching new international cooperation between its members and other similar clusters or organizations;
- supporting the members in accesing public funds and preparation of business plans, feasibility studies, market research etc,;
- extension of cluster visibility by signing memberships to different similar regional and european clusters;
- organisation of training sessions and courses for member’s personnel for improving their professional expertize;
- organisation of fairs and exhibitions for promoting its members products and brands;



- agriculture farms,
- potato production;
- milk procession;
- mineral water bottling;
- meat processing;
- baking and pastry;